9-year-old fashion designer who Vera Wang sent a sewing machine to goes viral on TikToks about making her own dresses

  • 9-year-old fashion designer received viral attention on her mother ICT Tac for his creations.
  • Kaia Aragon caught the attention of Vera Wangwho sends the young designer a sewing machine and a note.

It is common for children fantasize about what they want to be when they grow up, but a 9-year-old fashion designer from Colorado is already turning her dream career into a reality.

Kaia Aragon made her first dress in November and now has a closet full of original designs, a sewing machine donated by Vera Wangand more than 600,000 subscribers on that of his mother Tonya Aragon TikTok account, @middle.mom.

Tonya posts “little designer” videos of Kaia making Dresses which usually receive thousands to millions of views. In January, a video of a pink and black dress she designed earned Kaia over 14.3 million views.

Kaia told Insider that she’s always been drawn to unique outfits, even before designing them for herself. “Whenever I could dress up, I always chose outfits that would stand out or make a statement,” she said.

Tonya said she taught Kaia how to use a sewing machine in November, but admitted her own skills were limited to making simpler quilts and blankets. After Kaia did her first dress, a black T-shirt dress with an orange fox print that had over 1.2 million views on TikTok on Thursday, she continued to get more adventurous with her designs.

Kaia Aragon in a black fox print dress, the first dress she ever designed.Courtesy of Tonya Aragón

“His skills and ideas are quickly surpassing what I am capable of,” Tonya said, adding that she now watches YouTube tutorials to learn skills and techniques that will help Kaia grow in her craft.

Kaia said her designs come straight from the heart rather than imitating clothes she’s seen in magazines or on screen. “Most of the time I’m just starting to design,” she said, noting that she’ll be laying material on her mannequin rather than drawing the design first.

On occasion, Kaia said she would start with a concept in mind, like the triangle themed challenge a cousin ruled it, which has more than 727,000 views on TikTok, or the multicolored, sleeveless “Encanto” inspired dress she created, which has over a million views, but most of the time she chooses a fabric and pattern on instinct.

9-year-old fashion designer who Vera Wang sent a sewing machine to goes viral on TikToks about making her own dresses
A triangle-inspired dress by 9-year-old designer Kaia Aragon.Courtesy of Tonya Aragón

“All the fabrics I choose are soft and stretchy. If there’s a fabric that I think looks nice but isn’t comfortable, then I won’t get it. It’s just based on feel and then appearance,” said the young designer.

It wasn’t just the family’s TikTok audience who were blown away by Kaia’s talents — she also caught the eye of Vera Wang in February. The famous designer, whom Kaia says she hasn’t heard of before, sent her a package containing a sewing machine, a backpack and a handwritten note.

According to a video posted on February 22, Wang’s note read: “Dear Kaia, So excited to see that you are already pursuing your dream of becoming a fashion designer! Congratulations and good luck. I love Vera.”

The note is now framed on Kaia’s bedroom wall and Tonya says that ever since she started acquainting her daughter with the work of top designers “she’s been pretty obsessed with Vera Wang.”

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Kaia’s future ambitions are also very specific. If she could design a look for any celebrity, she said she would pick Emmy Award-winning actress Zendaya.

She added: “When I grow up I hope to have a big fashion business in Paris with my best friend and we want to go to school at the Fashion Design and Merchandising Institute.”

His admiration for the FIDM is not without consideration. In March, the University of Los Angeles sent Kaia “goodies,” including glitter fabrics, a teddy bear, and a video challenge from former “Project Runway” contestant Nick Verreos asking her to design an inspired outfit. of Olympic figure skating, she said.

For the challenge, Kaia made a dress with a pink satin bodice and a shimmering light pink skirt to twirl around in.

9-year-old fashion designer who Vera Wang sent a sewing machine to goes viral on TikToks about making her own dresses
Kaia Aragon in a figure skating-inspired dress for a Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising challenge.Courtesy of Tonya Aragón

Although she rubs shoulders with the best minds and institutions in American fashion, Kaia also has modest ambitions.

While planning her global takeover, the coming months will see the young designer making clothes for her friends and siblings, and creating a look for the local Renaissance fair, she said.


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