Best Sewing Books 2022 for Sewing Clothes and Homewares


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You can’t have too many sewing books! They are a great way to practice your sewing skills and with Christmas around the corner, it’s worth taking a moment to see which sewing books you’d like to add to your Santa’s wishlist.

Whether you’re new to sewing or you’re a seasoned pro, sewing books will inspire you and help you practice your sewing skills. If you’re a fabric collector (no judgment here!), having a sewing book handy will give you an excuse to browse through your fabric stash and finally put on some of those fabrics you’ve purchased. craft fairs and craft stores over the years to good use.

Sewing is also a skill that can help you become a more sustainable crafter – there are many ways to use the fabric you already have at home and turn it into new items. From the old drapes and napkins to tablecloths and throws, you can use soft upholstery fabrics in fabric scrap projects using techniques such as patchwork Where quiltmake fabric jewelery or even small handbags and toys.

I’m following our roundup of the best sewing books we’ve included popular titles from the Great British Sewing Bee and Reader’s Digest alongside projects that will test your hand sewing and sewing machine skills. From making interactive baby stuffed animals and fashionable home accessories, to stylish children’s clothing and creating your own “made by me” wardrobe, there’s something for everyone.

Happy sewing!

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Sew with scraps

David and Charles

Supercute Sewing: 20 Easy Plush Sewing Patterns


17 quilted pillows and comfortable cushions


£20.57 (24% off)

Sewing silent books for children

Sew Eco-Friendly: 25 reusable projects for sustainable sewing

Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing

Quadrille Editions Ltd.

The Great British Sewing Bee: The Techniques

Ilex Press

You will be able to sew your own clothes by the end of this book.


£14.99 (25% off)

Reshape, Restyle, Retouch


The zippered pocket book

sew and mend


£12.79 (25% off)

Sew it yourself with DIY Daisy


£13.99 (18% off)

Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids

Serena Sews: How to Create Beautiful, Durable, and Uniquely Interchangeable Clothes


£13.59 (32% off)

David and Charles

Sew 50 dogs


£11.57 (23% off)


£14.66 (14% off)

Tuva Editions

Cotton Friend Couture

Sewing for the home

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