Brighton and Hove News » Vintage sewing machines rescued from jumping after tumult


Eagle-eyed recyclers rescued a number of Singer sewing machines in The Lanes that had been snatched from the nearby All Saints store yesterday.

The photo above was posted to Facebook and Twitter yesterday morning, prompting dozens of people to ask All Saints why they were being dumped.

Some people went to the dumpster to retrieve them – but around 2 p.m. the contractors pulled them out of the dumpster. The clothing store then said they had been put in the dumpster by mistake.

A spokeswoman told Brighton and Hove News: “Singer sewing machines are an iconic feature in AllSaints store windows, and we only use machines that have been fully decommissioned.

“Due to an error by an external contractor, a number of machines were recently mistakenly placed in a bin outside our Brighton store.

“This has now been corrected and we can confirm that the machines are on track for restoration and re-use across our store network.

“As per company policy, machines deemed unsuitable for in-store display are either donated to charity or recycled.”

Cat Fletcher of Freegle Brighton, a group that coordinates offers of things to reuse, was one of those who flagged the dumped sewing machines.

She said: ‘It’s happening every day all over town and it’s not necessary.

“We have reuse systems that can redistribute unwanted/surplus items and the city has a circular economy roadmap that businesses should be aware of.

“Freegle Brighton has 35,000 members in #brighton making it super easy to find a new home for unwanted items and much cheaper than a hop.”

Vintage sewing machines are featured in All Saints stores around the world. In 2012, court documents revealed the company had paid specialist firm Unique Finds millions of pounds over a four-year period.


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