Dad embraces his 9-year-old son’s love of sewing and gets rid of bullies


A little boy has touched the hearts of millions after his dad shared the sweet moment he received a sewing machine for his birthday.

Father-of-three Aaron Gouveia said his nine-year-old son Sam is passionate about sewing meaning he was the target of cruel taunts.

“He was intimidated in the past for painting her nails and her love of sewing,” Aaron explained in his TikTok video.

“But that didn’t stop him from being the only boy in sewing camp.”

In the touching video, Sam excitedly unwraps her birthday present to find a professional sewing machine inside.

“Oh my god, it’s a box…it’s a SEWING MACHINE…wait, what kind is that?…IT’S A SINGER!” Sam shouts.

Sam excitedly unwraps her birthday present to find a professional sewing machine inside.
Sam Gouveia.
“IT’S A SINGER!” Sam shouts.

“He has a seam ripper with it. It even has its own buttons!

Although Aaron has been widely praised for allowing his son to pursue his dreams, he admits he hasn’t always been so comfortable with his children. breaking gender norms.

“I have to admit I feel a bit guilty because some of the comments have been like ‘oh what a great supportive dad’. Maybe it’s because it’s new to see a dad standing up for things. like sewing,” Aaron said.

“Because I have to tell you, my eldest son is 14 and I remember very well when he was a baby and I was 20 when we had him, and I remember (my wife) putting socks on him roses and I lost my mind I was that guy, I changed a lot, but I only changed because of my wife first and foremost.

“My wife has always been on the safe side and she deserves all the credit for how our kids turned out and the person I am today.”

The ecstatic boy was also delighted with the response to his video.

“It made me feel really good, I felt like the boys could do whatever they wanted,” he said in a follow-up video, before showing off some darlings he had manufactured on his new machine.

Her father added: “It’s so wonderful to have such wonderful comments from strangers around the world, they are life affirming.”

“For someone like Sam who has severe ADHD, ODD and mild depressive tendencies he struggles with this, it has strengthened him in a real and tangible way and you all have and I I can’t thank you enough.”

Sam Gouveia.
“He’s got a seam ripper with him,” Sam excitedly announces in the video.
Sam Gouveia.
Sam has “been bullied in the past for painting her nails and love of sewing,” her dad said.

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