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There are always skills that seem to be slipping away, and ones that were once popular are no longer regularly seen or talked about. That’s not to say they’re no longer valuable, but they’re no longer considered cool or ‘trendy’. However, there may be parents who want that to change and want those older skills back because they see their value and see how they can benefit their children. Sewing is one of those skills. Looking back on history, many loved to sew their own clothes and accessories.

It would be hard to find a teenager who knows how a sewing machine works, and maybe that’s something that could change. According national today, June 13 is National Sewing Machine Day.and this could be the perfect opportunity to dust off the old sewing machine and get your teen interested in the art form.

However, finding the right project for them might be the biggest hurdle, but there are plenty of projects teens can work on on their own, if mom knows where to look.

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Why do they need to know how to sew?

There are plenty of benefits for teens learning to sew, and once you open their eyes to the idea, they may be more eager to try it. According Martha Stewart, the most obvious reason a teenager should learn to sew is to be able to mend their own clothes and other fabric items. It can help them save money and be more environmentally friendly. A growing number of teenagers are getting involved in protecting the environment, and this skill is perfect for that.

It also helps them to be creative. They may not realize how many things they can make with fabric, thread and a sewing machine. The possibilities are truly endless, and since fabrics come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns, they can certainly create items that are unique and personal to them. Are they a star wars fan? Maybe some star wars the curtains are perfect for their college dorm.

A few easy starter projects

The best way to make sure a teenager wants to sew, and sticks to it, is to make sure they have an easy pattern to start with. If you start them off with something too difficult, they may get frustrated and not even want to continue.

If you start small and work your way up, their confidence and skill level will increase. Many free patterns and instructions are available at Sewingbut we will highlight a few here.

Also, remember that YouTube is a great place for instructional videosand since teens love the internet, devices and social media, this may be the best way for them to learn.

For teenage girls, the perfect starter project might be a makeup bag. All of this requires fabric, thread and a zipper to close. It’s quite simple as it only requires one piece of fabric which is sewn to the sides if they fold over the bottom. It’s a great way for them to start, and it works in their interests.

For teens who play sports, or are big fans who own a lot of sports t-shirts, why not make a simple quilt? All they have to do is sew their shirts together to make a big blanket, then add a border. They now have a cool throw that has built-in keepsakes.

How to motivate a teenager

Even if you see a twinkle in your teen’s eyes at the mention of sewing a new project, it can be hard to get him motivated, so mom needs to figure out how. According Empower parents, the best way to motivate a teenager is to play on his interests. This means finding a simple model that is directly related to their interests.

We mentioned earlier what some ideas might be, but you really need to know what your child likes and what they would like to do. The possibilities are limitless. If your teenage daughter loves fashion, encourage her to make her own clothes. If your son loves his devices, he can make cases and pouches for them.

Another great way to motivate a teenager is to get in there and do it with them. If mom can’t sew, this might be the best opportunity for her to learn too. Now the teen feels like they’re not doing it alone, and it can be a great bonding activity for mom and child.

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