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When I received my first sewing machine it was so exciting. I read the whole instruction manual and made sure to carefully review the maintenance section. My mom taught me the importance of maintenance as I was learning to sew. It was one of those tasks she never skipped. She said it would save me a lot of headaches in the long run.

Do you know how to oil a singer simple sewing machine? It isn’t hard and takes very little of your time. Keeping your machine cleaned and oiled reduces the chance of your machine locking up or the threads bunching under your fabric. One of the most frustrating situations with sewing is when you mash the pedal and your needle doesn’t move. You hear that dreaded hum. One reason this could happen is a lack of lubrication in the bobbin mechanisms. Another is lint build up in the feed dogs and other key areas of the machine. Knowing how to clean and oil a singer simple sewing machine is a big step towards an enjoyable and easy sewing experience. Click here to see a demonstration of the Singer 2263 Sewing Machine.

This tutorial will cover how and when to oil a singer simple sewing machine. Here’s what you’ll need to complete this task:

A screwdriver

Most machines will include a small flat screwdriver, but any small flat screwdriver will work.

A lint brush or small paintbrush

The machine comes with a lint brush but a small paintbrush will do if it’s unavailable.

Sewing machine oil

You may be tempted to use an alternative oil for this task. However, the best option is to use sewing machine oil. Sewing machine oil has the right viscosity to properly lubricate the machine’s parts.

So How to oil a Singer Simple 2263 Sewing Machine? Here are your steps:

1. Open the front cover and remove the needle plate.
The front cover drops down to expose the bobbin and bobbin case. There are two screws on the plate that covers the feed dogs, just remove those and set the screws and plate aside.

2. Take out the bobbin case.
The bobbin case is a round metal insert with a little lever in the center. Just reach in and pull the lever straight out to remove the bobbin case.

3. Dust the feed dogs with the provided lint brush.
Use the lint brush to clear away any frayed fabric and lint around the feed dogs and the needle housing.

4. Unlock the retaining arms.
There are two hook retaining arms located on either side of the bobbin case holder. Push them outward.

5. Remove the hook race cover and hook.
At this point, the race cover and hook can be easily removed. These two parts are shaped like half-moons.

6. Oil the hook race and pin.
Use one drop of machine oil on the center pin of the hook and hook race.

7. Reassemble the hook race and pin.
Rotate the hand wheel toward you until the hook race looks like a half-moon on the left side of the machine. The hand wheel is located on the upper right side of the sewing machine.

Now hold the hook by the center pin and put it back in place so that it looks like a half-moon on the right side.

8. Push the hook retaining arms inward to lock them back in place.
There is a notch on both sides of the hook race. Make sure to lock the retaining arms over each notch.

9. Replace the bobbin case and bobbin.

10. Replace the needle plate and plate screws.
Click here to see the entire routine.

As a general rule, you should clean and oil your machine weekly for optimal results. This is especially true if you use your machine often. Regular maintenance ensures your sewing machine runs smoothly for years. It’s a great way to ensure that your sewing projects are enjoyable with minimal bouts of frustration and delays. Although I’ve upgraded, I still have my first machine. Due to good maintenance, it still works and I use it from time to time. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to oil a singer simple 2263 sewing machine. If you liked this article, please share or leave me a comment below.

Stephanie Green

Stephanie Green

I fell in love with sewing eight years ago after stumbling on Etsy and being fascinated by seeing all the creative projects hobbyists were able to make in their spare time. I think part of my interest is that sewing seemed like such an old-fashioned activity, and yet so many young people enjoyed it.

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