Oklahoma woman seeks sewing machines to donate to Afghan refugees – FOX23 News


OKLAHOMA CITY — A subway seamstress searches for sewing machines to donate to Afghan refugees. She says when you think of donations, you think of clothes, food and basic necessities, but for some sewing is a necessity.

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“When it came to me to do this, I felt like it was coming from the lord and I was like, OK, I’m in…both feet,” seamstress Susan Smith said.

Smith seeks to help Afghan families seeking refuge in Oklahoma. Many of them brought only the essentials.

“A lot of Afghans who have arrived here have just come with a suitcase or less,” Smith said.

This left no room for something like a sewing machine, essential for some families who use them to make clothes.

“I imagine for an Afghan woman to contribute to her family by being able to sew again is special I think,” she said.

Smith has already donated five machines.

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“It’s so fun to see their eyes light up because they can go back to sewing,” she says.

She is still looking for it.

“My goal is to give a sewing machine to every Afghan family that has a seamstress in the family who had to give up their machine,” she said.

Each machine comes with a kit.

“We collect the basics of sewing, so we collect scissors, thread buttons, snaps, needles, just the basic supplies to be able to sit down and sew,” she said.


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