Rotary Club of Branchburg collects bicycles, sewing machines for Pedals for Progress


According to the Rotary Club of Branchburg, “Each year, affluent Americans buy 18 million new bicycles and throw away millions of old ones, leaving many more unused in basements, sheds and garages. Most of ‘of them end up in landfills.Meanwhile, the poor abroad need cheap, non-polluting transportation to get to work, markets, customers and schools.

This year, the club, led by coordinators Kip Bateman and Dan Matyola, and the residents of Branchburg, 119 bicycles and 23 sewing machines “have escaped the fate of being sent to landfill and are instead on their way to developing countries. development where bicycles, will provide a reliable means of working, as well as getting products to market and offering greater mobility allowing for increased access to health care and other services.

The Rotary Club of Branchburg, in partnership with Pedals for Progress, a non-profit organization that focuses on proper bicycle recycling, collects bicycles and sewing machines each September. Those who missed the club’s 2022 collection can contact Rotary and they will pick up bikes for next year’s collection.

For more information on Pedals for Progress, contact Dan Matyola at 908-685-1090 [email protected] or Kip Bateman at 908-757-7800

For more information on Rotary’s community service programs or information on how to join the Rotary Club of Branchburg, contact Dr. Julie Juliano at 908-685-8080, visit the Rotary Club of Branchburg Facebook page, or join club members every Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast at the Stoney Brook Grille in Branchburg.


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