Sewing for the Groom: Things to Remember Before Ordering the Perfect Wedding Sherwani


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Designers across the city will vouch for the fact that although the festivities die down as winter draws to a close, the proverbial “wedding season” is now a year-round phenomenon. Tailoring for the bride’s groom never exactly stops at the tailoring workshops, there is no break for the makers of panjabis and sherwanis – quintessential wedding outfits.

Matches are still “made in heaven”, but what has changed for mortal Bengalis is that marriages are no longer small affairs. Now there’s a long list of events, each calling for its own appropriate and Instagram-friendly moments.

To complete these perfect settings, the groom must also expand his sartorial repertoire and amp up the glamor factor. And, when it comes to weddings, the sherwani has now become the South Asian counterpart to the Western jacket.

Sherwanis was a stiff affair in the distant past; a heavy outer garment that was uncomfortable every time we tried it on. The color palette was mostly monochromatic, that too in the popular black and white tones.

The choice of colors, the availability of a wide range of fabrics and improved sewing techniques now help to do justice to the male silhouette. The Bengali man comes in different body shapes, and now everyone can safely opt for a handsome, tailored sherwani that will complement whatever wedding ensemble the bride decides to choose.

Ideally worn as an outer garment that is neither loose nor fitted – there is a fit for every physique, which can only be achieved by careful tailoring. And that’s where specialist sherwani makers come to your rescue.

The wedding culture has changed and so have the aspects of fashion and style attached to it. Neither the bride nor the groom; even those around them no longer stick to centuries-old traditions. And when it comes to the current trend, perhaps it’s only possible to match the wide range of bridal wear with a bespoke choice for the groom.

This is of course not true for those who opt for designer clothes. Still, not everyone can afford it, and it’s still popular to select the bridal ensemble first, and then choose each outfit the groom should wear on those special occasions. Made-to-measure will offer you a certain freedom; so use it wisely!

We spoke to master tailors; they suggest the following mantras to shine on D-Day! So here are some dress tips to make you the perfect groom.

01. Make a choice that suits the occasion

Choose what complements the bridal attire. Remember that the idea is to shine as a duo, and when it comes to choosing the color, the cut, even the accessories for the groom, it is best to take inspiration from what the bride is wearing.

02. Be specific to each occasion

Resist the temptation to make a piece that you think you can safely wear on other occasions. When ordering your wedding sherwani, just think about the wedding day itself.

“Does Indo-Western work?” you can ask. Yes! Absolutely, if you have the physique and attitude to succeed. Opt for traditional styles if you are fragile; these sets are simply timeless.

03. Coordinate colors

The good news is that the color palette is no longer limited. Wear a shade that reflects your personality. Remember that your skin tone will matter.

04. The right fabric is essential

The sherwani you wear will set the mood for the whole day and the memories will last a lifetime. Invest in your wedding attire and leave the budget cuts to the actual wedding extravaganzas.

You can opt for silk or even cotton, so you can breathe.

05. Prints facing embroidery: make your choice

For winter weddings, embroidery is the way to go. Forget the prints for winter weddings. Don dazzling geometric/floral prints for spring and summer weddings.

06. A Fit for the Groom

Make sure the cut is clean. The current trend is to opt for a tight sherwani suit, but make sure you are comfortable in it. Always leave margins to prevent the button from snapping every time you exhale. The wedding day is going to be long!

The length of the sherwani will depend on the size of the kurta.

07. Pay attention to bottom wear

There is no universal rule for pairing bottoms with sherwani. Many options are available including skinny pants, churidars and even dhoti pants. The right choice will depend on the combination of style and cut of the sherwani, and the physique of the groom.

08. Accessorize to amp up the style game

Well-coordinated outfits are a visual treat for wedding photos. If the bride wishes to don bold colors or add elements to her ensemble, rather than selecting an equally adventurous sherwani, wear a shawl. To satisfy the inner desire to stay with your spouse, perhaps a choker. May be!

Buttons are a safe game to play with.

09. The essential turban

You cannot complete your wedding sherwani look without a turban. It is this piece, absolutely essential to complete your ensemble. Never forget the cover!

10. A Really Friend

If there’s ever been a time when your trusted tailor will come in handy, this is it. If you opt for specialist sherwani makers, which you should, trust their expertise. If you have a friend who knows a little more about style and fashion than you do, now might be the time to ask them for advice!

Photo: Sazzad Ibn Sayed

Model: Rabbi

Wardrobe: Cat’s eye

Styling: Sonia Yeasmin Isha


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