Sewing group Sewcial win second place at Dorset County Show


Members of a social sewing group are shocked after months of completing their piece and winning second place at the county fair.

Social sewing group Sewcial sewed, stitched and knitted a large replica of Monet’s bridge which they presented at the Dorset County Show last weekend.

The 20-by-30-inch piece won second place in the craft category at the show, and members are very happy with the results of their work.

The piece was made by dividing the image of the bridge into 15 squares. The members then each took one of the squares to complete.

Everything is sewing-based, but each square is done in its own unique style, from felting to beading and embroidery giving the final piece a 3D look. The squares were sewn together and stretched over a frame to form the complete image.

One member, Helen Wilson, said she found the project a great experience working with other band members with beautiful landscapes.

Another member, Sarah M, said: “It was really interesting to see how everyone’s pieces fit together despite being all made using different techniques, from felting to crocheting, tapestry embroidery. And the beautiful setting makes the sessions very relaxing.

You may recognize the bridge in the finished piece from the painting “Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies” by famed artist Claude Monet, but the piece is actually based on Bennetts’ Water Garden Bridge – which in turn is itself based on the famous 19th century painting by the French artist.

Dorset Echo: Members of Sewcial on the Monet Bridge at Bennetts Water Gardens - Felicity, Daphne, Heather, Jeannie, Helen, Jacquie, Catherine, Val and Rita.  Photo: Club Sewcial

Member Val Lawless said: “The finished piece of everyone’s individual work, stitched together, produced such a beautiful image that will take pride of place at Café Monet in the beautiful Bennetts Water Gardens where we host our Sewcial Sewing Group. . Everyone worked so hard.

The group meets at Bennetts Water Garden for a few hours a week and has around 25 members, 15 of whom were involved in the creation of the piece.


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