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Sewing is an invaluable skill that is slowly starting to get lost among younger generations. The days when sewing was taught at school or even at home are over; this skill is now only found in a small part of the community.

Create. Hobby Studio in Observatory offers a fun and informative way to bring this dying skill back to life. Children, teenagers, adults, boys, girls, men, women; all are welcome to take sewing lessons in a creative and encouraging space.

They offer all kinds of sewing projects, from cushion covers and towels to towels and clothes. Lessons include hand sewing techniques and how to use an electronic sewing machine. All tools are provided, so customers are welcome to bring their eager and eager selves.

Sewing classes

Create. Hobby Studio currently offers 12 sewing lessons or projects. The best place to start is the Beginners Course, Level 1. In this six-week course, students will be introduced to the basics of a sewing machine, as well as elastics, zippers, buttons and buttonholes, and hemming. Students will learn to read a purchased pattern and be guided through two exciting sewing projects.

If students already know the basics, they can opt for the Intermediate – Advanced, Level 2 class. This course consists of 14 lessons of two hours each and will guide students through a selection of clothing items, such as a skirt , a dress, pants, and blouse for women, and a t-shirt, hoodie, pants, and shirt for men.

For more experienced students, Create. Hobby Studio also offers an Intermediate – Advanced Sewing Course, Level 3. Women can learn how to trace a garment and learn how to make a tailored blazer, sleeveless hoodie, leggings, top with lace appliqués and a handbag. Men will learn how to trace a garment and how to make a vest, a classic blazer, a sports bag, a sports vest with appliqué letters and running shorts. If time permits, students will also be guided in recycling an old garment.

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Other Sewing Projects

Create. Hobby Studio also offers more personalized lessons or projects (pun intended) if students are interested in something more specific. Their Sewing Project Help Class gives students the opportunity to choose their own project or choose something from the collection of patterns available to work on. For students who are already skilled at sewing, but struggle with pattern making, the Pattern Making course teaches students to draft patterns from a pattern book, draft a basic bodice, sleeves, skirts and a block of pants, and to teach students how to manipulate models.

Then there are also fun projects that are perfect for group events. School holiday sewing camps for kids ages 7-15 will give them a little introduction to the sewing machine and lead them through fun projects over three days.

Create. Hobby Studio’s Teambuilding Project is perfect for groups that need fun to develop team skills. Clients can choose a fun project to complete and stimulate the creative side of the team. The environment will encourage students to learn to work together and have fun.

Bachelor parties or kitchen teas are also very popular at Create. Leisure workshop. This fun and memorable experience is the perfect activity to do with friends and family before transitioning from Mrs. to Mrs. Students will have the freedom to customize the lesson to their liking: perhaps breaking the ice by involving everyone in creating a honeymoon beach towel or sexy underwear for the bride-to-be? This is a great option for groups ranging from three to ten people.

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Whether it’s for an event or just to learn a useful skill, sewing classes can be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved. It’s time for this skill to make a comeback in society!


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