Sewing shop collects sewing machine donations to help Afghan refugee women


BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — Calling all homemakers and textile artists!

A store in western New York, created for empower immigrant and refugee women, hopes that the community can help her in her next mission.

“You see beautiful creations that bring you joy,” Stitch Buffalo volunteer Marie Pacheco told Pheben Kassahun Monday afternoon.

On the west side of Buffalo is an inclusive space filled with handcrafted products.

Textile art takes pride of place on the walls, shelves and windows of buffalo stitchall thanks to community donors.

“I think Stitch Buffalo is a strong force in the community. It has created many opportunities for refugee women, the pride of which you can see when you see their finished work at the cell at the store,” Pacheco said.

For the past eight years, the boutique has focused on empowering refugee and immigrant women. For Stitch Buffalo to continue his strong buffalo mission, the supporters of the shop ask for a little help from the Cité du Bon Voisin.

Stitch Buffalo Executive Director Dawne Hoeg said, “Currently we have a large population of resettled Afghan refugees here in Buffalo. Many of these women know how to sew and they don’t have the tools to do so. . Stitch Buffalo is running a sewing machine campaign to help support and uplift women.”

The sewing machines will provide clothing and home decor to newly settled women in Western New York.

Hoeg said, “A lot of Afghan women stay home and take care of the house and the kids. They have the skills to be able to make things at home.”

The store is looking to collect 50 sewing machines from community members, and Hoeg said they’ll take care of the rest!

“The Sewing Machine will initially provide apparel and home decor. As they settle in, they will have the opportunity to sell here at Stitch Buffalo. We are also working with Nest and Etsy with a program Uplift Makers for Afghan women and makers to become capable of creating their own Etsy shop,” Hoeg said. “Having a tool you know how to use. It’s the same idea as giving someone a fishing rod to catch their own food, instead of giving them their own food. So you teach him that he has the skills to rise.”

“They were able to leave their original residences, be able to earn a living, earn and grow in the community, and become fundamentally independent contributors to the Buffalo community,” Pacheco added.

How to help:

  • Anyone with a sewing machine gathering dust in the back of their closet can email the store at [email protected]
  • Arrangements will be made to drop off sewing machines.
  • Household sewing machines and tabletop sewing machines are ideal, but not cabinet ones, due to the limited space in the store.
  • The shop would like to point out that it will only accept work sewing machine.

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