Snowman sewing project connects Simle students with Sunrise first graders


BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — When it comes to schoolwork, there’s a big difference between what first-graders are assigned and what eighth-graders are assigned.

But two schools in Bismarck have found a project that connects the two age groups.

The good news: this mission has become something quite special.

It’s the best part of Bentley Solem’s school day.

“It relaxes me,” said Solem, an eighth-grader at Simle College in Bismarck.

She is about to bring this snowman drawing to life. This is the third one she sews. Each snowman is unique.

“I liked making the hat. It’s so cute,” said eighth grade Simle student Shatina Mulubah.

And each snowman gives Solem and his classmates a chance to hone their sewing skills.

“I love that we can explore new techniques,” said eighth grade Simle student Brynlee Wittenberg.

New techniques like French knots for the snowman smile.

“It was hard !” admitted Telma Neba, an eighth-grader at Simle.

These eighth graders have over 40 snowmen to make. Their designs came straight out of the imagination of these first graders at Sunrise Elementary.

“You can draw a hat, earmuffs, buttons, and eyes,” said Sunrise freshman Brooklyn Phillips.

“I like to do the carrot nose,” added his classmate, Dylan Brousseau.

Simle FACS teacher Jessica Nasset saw this idea online and immediately added it to her lesson plans.

“I just knew it would be really fun for them to be able to be creative not having to do something very restricted and it was super open for them to be able to do something that someone else had created. for them,” Nasset said.

She also hoped it could show these middle schoolers the importance of sharing their talents and connecting with others.

“I love trying to integrate our kids into a community and trying to connect them to something bigger than themselves,” she explained.

Heather Kaisers first-graders also learn some very important lessons.

“I think it’s a great way for them to see what they can do as they get older and the different things they can accomplish as they go along,” said Kaiser, who teaches first grade. at Sunrise.

Because one day these first graders will be eighth graders themselves and it will be their turn to create something special for someone else.

First graders will receive their original snowman drawing, along with the stuffed snowman and a note from the eighth grader who created it.

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