The Great British Sewing Bee 2022: Where is the new filming location?


12 candidates will compete to be Britain’s best house sewer

The show, now in its eighth season, sees 12 amateur tailors engage in crafty pursuits fashion challenges as they compete to be named Britain’s best domestic sewer.

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The first episode of the new series aired on BBC One on Wednesday, April 27, but viewers noticed a few changes when they tuned in, including the location of the show.

So where was the last series of the Great British Sewing Bee filmed, what other changes have been made to this series and when will you be able to see the next episode on TV?

Here’s what you need to know.

Where was the Great British Sewing Bee filmed?

The Great British Sewing Bee swapped its usual London filming location during this series for the famous woolen mill, Sunny Bank Mills, on the outskirts of Leeds.

Sunny Bank Mills is in the heart of the village of Farsley, Pudsey, West Yorkshire.

It was founded in 1829 by a group of local weavers and became one of the most important fine woolen mills in the world.

Worsted fabric manufacturing ceased at the factory in 2008, and it is now home to many creative businesses and artists’ studios, boutiques, cafes and bars, and specialty retailers.

The former fabric warehouse has also been transformed into a gallery, souvenir shop and tea room.

Show host Patrick Grant explained the change and said Leeds was a “suitable” city to be based in.

“Leeds is at the heart of the wool and textile industry, so it seems appropriate to film in a very large mill.”

The show was previously filmed at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London’s Docklands.

What other changes have been made to this series?

The show has gone through a few changes over its nine-year history.

It started as a reality show on BBC Two in 2013.

The program was then presented by Claudia Winkleman, who then presented three more series.

It had a three-year hiatus, and when it returned in 2019 for a fifth series, Joe Lycett took over as presenter.

The 2022 series saw another change in presenter, this time with Sara Pascoe taking on hosting duties.

There has also been a change in judging over the show’s history.

The original judges were fashion designer Patrick Grant and Women’s Institute tutor May Martin in series 1, 2, and 3, but beginning in series 4 Martin was replaced by fashion designer Esme Young.

Judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young are back for series eight.

In 2020, the show also moved from BBC Two to BBC One.

When is the Great British Sewing Bee next on TV?

The second episode of The Great British Sewing Bee 2022 airs on BBC One on Wednesday May 4 from 9-10 p.m.

Amateur sewers will complete three sports-themed sewing challenges, including a first Sewing Bee – a pair of sneakers, which includes unfamiliar techniques such as eyelet punching and sole sewing.

There will be ten episodes in total for this season of the show, with each airing on BBC One every Wednesday.

The final is set to air on BBC One on Wednesday June 29, 2022.

How have fans reacted to the new series?

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their joy that the series is back.

One said: “So glad it’s back on our screens! As some bees are just starting to sew during confinement, congratulations to all #SewingBee”

Another said: “Love ALL the new sewers on #SewingBee”

Another viewer congratulated the judges.

“I love the judges. The feedback is sincere and encouraging. #SewingBee”

One Twitter user said: “Sewing Bee is a huge hug from a TV show. I’m so glad he’s back! #GBSB #SewingBee”

Another said they enjoyed Pascoe’s presentation.

“A brilliant start for #SewingBee and the love of Sara Pascoe taking the reins. Already emptied that the series must end”

How can I catch up on episodes of The Great British Sewing Bee that I missed?

You can watch all episodes of The Great British Sewing Bee’s 2022 series on BBC iPlayer shortly after their release.

The first episode of the eighth series, as well as all episodes from previous series, are available to watch now.


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