This portable sewing machine changes thread color to match fabric for unexpected sewing tasks.


As singles, how often do we find ourselves perplexed by a loose shirt button or trying to match the color of the available thread with the color of the fabric? Cases where time is running out and going out with a broken shirt button is out of the question. Even if there are no time constraints, more often than not the local tailor is the one we all look forward to.

How about a portable sewing machine designed to take the workload off your hands and solve a small problem like finding the best-matching thread and sewing it in a jiffy? After all, it is inconvenient to go to the local tailor when you have a busy day ahead.

Designer: Cheolhee Lee, Chaeyeon Lee and Minsong Cho

This portable sewing machine changes the color of the thread by scanning the fabric on which the button was to be sewn. The easy-to-grip shape of the Chameleon Mini is designed with modern users in mind who demand minimal fuss with the things they own. Apart from simple button sewing tasks, the smart sewing machine offers the choice of pattern for various garments.

The trick to this chunky stapler-like portable sewing machine is the array of four CMYK color-based cartridges that dye the original white thread inside based on the scanned result of the fabric in question. Each of these front cartridges can be easily replaced when ink levels drop.

The design team behind this concept design sees this cool little accessory fitting into anyone’s backpack or wardrobe box. Men would appreciate this accessory more than anything, especially those
who are unique souls. Imagining this cute sewing machine in modern chick colors including orange, blue, purple or cream is proof enough.


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