Watch a 9-year-old boy receive a sewing machine for his birthday


Is there a better feeling in the world than getting exactly what you want for your ninth birthday? Maybe there is one thing: to be completely seen and supported by your parents.

Nine-year-old Sam Gouveia has been bullied in the past for painting her fingernails and her love of sewing. “But that,” his dad Aaron wrote in a now-viral TikTok video, “didn’t stop him from being the only boy in sewing camp.”

And that didn’t stop her parents from giving her a brand new sewing machine for her birthday, either.

The video of Sam opening the box is the sweetest thing ever. And hearing her father’s supportive voice in the background is equally moving.

The video has been viewed 2.5 million times and has racked up over 10,000 comments.

“It’s a sewing machine!!” Sam yells, and his hands go to his head, probably to keep him from exploding. “She’s a singer!! THANK YOU!”

“You have your own sewing machine, buddy,” his father said. “Just home.”

“He has a seam ripper with it! Look at all the heads! It even has its own buttons!

People loved the video, Sam and his dad.

Many wished their parents had shown them the same support. “Thank you so much for letting him pursue his passions at such a young age 🥺 Wish my family would do this…” one wrote.

Others encouraged Sam’s hobby – and pointed out that many men have excelled on the sewing machine. “So many famous designers are/were men! Alexander McQueen, YSL, Tom Ford, Alessandro Michele, etc… so excited to see what he does,” wrote another.

“All these bullies have no idea they WILL PAY him one day to wear his designs!!! he is so happy. good job mom and dad,” another wrote.

And everyone agreed it was a parental victory.

“Love, love, love that you support his passion. What every parent should do,” one commenter gushed.

Sam’s dad shared a dress Sam made at the end of the video – and since posting earlier this month, he’s shared more of Sam’s creations.

He posted a thank you video – and also showed off some darlings he’s made with his new machine.

“[The comments] made me feel really good. It made me feel like the boys could do whatever they wanted.

Her father added, “It’s so wonderful to have such wonderful comments from strangers around the world; they affirm life.”

“For someone like Sam who has severe ADHD, ODD, and mild depressive tendencies, it’s hard for him to have that empowered him in any real, tangible way, and you all did and I can never thank you enough.”

Sam also cuts his dad’s shirts to make stuff at his new sewing station – and his dad isn’t even mad about it.

Sam also caught the eye of Gunnar Deatherage, a Project track designer who saw himself in the 9-year-old child. He sent Sam a care package filled with tissue and nail polish, along with a sweet, encouraging note.

Sam’s dad, Aaron, also posted a follow-up video, in which he shared that he’s come a long way as a dad when it comes to supporting his kids, breaking gender roles and to fight against toxic masculinity. And he has his wife to thank for her evolution.

“I have to admit I feel a little guilty because some of the comments have been like ‘Oh what a great and supportive dad. Maybe it’s because it’s new to see a dad champion things like sewing,” Aaron said in the video.

“Because I have to tell you that years ago my eldest son was 14. And I remember very well, years ago, when he was a baby, I was in my twenties and she put pink socks on him. And I lost my mind. I said, ‘What are you going to do? People will think he’s gay! Because he had pink socks.

“I was this dude. I’m not this dude more. I have changed a lot. But I only changed because of my wife, first and foremost. And then all the friends I made and the people who straightened me out. I’m a convert, but my wife has always been on the safe side.

At the end of the day, he feels like even though the video is sweet, it shouldn’t be news.

“The irony is, in a perfect world, this wouldn’t be considered news because no one would bat an eyelash at a boy who loves sewing because sewing shouldn’t have a freaking gender assigned to it. ” he said Queerty. “I hope Sam’s video played a small part in breaking that stereotype and changing a handful of minds.”


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