Women’s Sewing Machine Hack for Adding Trims to Fabric is Awesome


If you’re a sewing expert, this article probably won’t apply to you. However, you might learn a new trick to speed up your process, like this sewing trick.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner in the sewing business, keep scrolling. This TikTok creator @tailor_gril found the best sewing hack, as she shows us in her video.


If that’s not great, I don’t know what is! This hack is so cheap that it will cost you practically nothing. All you need is cardboard, tape and scissors, or a craft knife. Cut a small rectangle out of your cardboard box, cut a slit in the middle, thick enough to fit any fabric, and that’s it. Then you tape the piece of cardboard to your sewing area, to keep it from moving while you work on the sewing machine. This way you can sew one piece of fabric to another piece of fabric as shown in the video. And the results are easy and clean. This would work even for beginners as the piece of cardboard almost acts as a guide.

Other TikTok creators also thought this was a great idea, as they mentioned in the comments section of the video. And considering his 1.5 million follower count, his other videos are also doing well and are loved by many. We all know how difficult sewing can be, so finding little tricks here and there could save clothes from getting ruined or fingers hurting.

We are certainly intrigued by this hack!


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